How to Pick a Dog for Adoption

Adopting or rescuing a dog can be a wonderful life-changing experience. However, it's very important to educate yourself and know what to look for. All dogs deserve to find good homes, but you want to have a good idea of the kind of dog you are bringing home and if they'd be a good fit [...]

Importance of Giving Your Dog Affection

Jimi teaches us the importance of giving your dog affection along with the right (and wrong) ways to show your best friend how much you care.   Affection should be one of the most important parts of your relationship with your dog. Most of us consider our dogs as part of the family. [...]

Tips for Mastering the Dog Walk

Jimi takes us for a walk and gives us tips on how to properly walk with our dogs! 10 Steps to Master the Dog Walk First things first, make sure you have a good leash and collar for your dog. Select a quiet area with less distraction. You can work your way up [...]

Video Testimonial – Brigitte Lovell & Cimba

Brigitte Lovell came to pick up her dog Cimba from us recently. Before bringing Cimba to Your Dog Guru, Brigitte explained Cimba as being a "terror". Cimba would chew on scissor handles and paper, damage furniture, and she could not be brought into public places easily. Brigitte tried Petsmart training, where Cimba showed some progress [...]

Sam the “untrainable” Belgian Malinois

Sam is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois that came to us from another training facility that deemed him "untrainable". His original owner and several trainers completely gave up on him. We knew we could help Sam so we took him in. This was a dog that was extremely aggressive and was not even potty [...]